Publishing Fujifilm photographers

We discover & publish Fujifilm photographers.

Fujifeed is an independent online magazine that started on Instagram in January 2016 and grew up to be one of the largest community of Fujifilm photographers in the world.

We publish original interviews of photographers, articles, tutorials and reviews on our website and we feature new photographers daily on Instagram @fujifeed.

We run a forum, an instant Slack discussion group and a Facebook group with a combined total of more than 4500 members from all over the world.

We also organize events in various cities in Europe.

We are entirely supported by individuals (Patrons via Patreon) and small sponsors who believe in what we do. Unfortunately Fujifilm isn't supporting our project which greatly reduce the amount of content we can produce but we hope to gain their support in the future.

They support this project


Contact & collaborations

Send an email to hello@fujifeed.com and we'll reply as quickly as possible. We're looking to collaborate with other magazines, photography websites, communities and brands (either via sponsorship or in organizing contests, giveaways, workshops, events etc...)

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Our team

Samuel Zeller
Founder & curator
Samuel Zeller is a Swiss photographer and a Fujifilm ambassador. He studied design and worked in an agency for international clients until he decided to go freelance. He started working on Fujifeed in January 2016.

Alex Rodriguez
Design consultant
Alex is a talented designer and an advertising creative director from Mexico. He helps on the design aspects of Fujifeed. He recently moved to Barcelona, Spain. He's also a very good photographer.

Peter Clarkson
Photographer & curator
Peter Clarkson is a graphic designer and photographer who graduated from the London College of Communication (University of the Arts).