Publishing Fujifilm photographers
What we do
We discover, publish and connect original and talented Fujifilm photographers from all around the world.

Fujifeed is an independent magazine that was created in January 2016 by Swiss X-Photographer Samuel Zeller. It quickly became one of the largest community of Fujifilm photographers in the world.
We discover
Emerging or established photographers (either via our Instagram hashtag #fujifeed or from submissions we receive on our website).
We publish
- Images daily on our Instagram account @Fujifeed
- Articles weekly on our website and newsletter.
We connect
Photographers on our Slack discussion group (1450+ members) and on our forum (2200+ members) allowing them to talk and share their work.
Our audience
The majority of our audience is composed of photographers, featuring many well known Fujifilm users and official X-Photographers.

It is a perfect fit for brands working in the photography business who want to increase their outreach to photographers worldwide.

A lot of photographers who are using Canon, Nikon, Sony, Leica or Pentax are also following Fujifeed as a source of inspiration.
Our audience is young -mostly between 18 and 40 years old- and mainly males (86%). They are strong consumers of electronics/cameras interested in photography (shutterbugs) and technology.

Most of our traffic comes from the USA, the Canada, UK, Germany, France and various countries in Asia.
Our Instagram
We publish one or multiple images per day on our Instagram account @Fujifeed (61.4k+ followers).

There’s now more than 1.9mio publications under the #fujifeed hashtag, that we launched in January 2016

There is 2900+ new images per day under this hashtag.
We aim to feature both emerging and established photographers, from professionals to amateurs.

The quality of our content has been praised by many.
Instagram stories
Besides our Instagram posts, we also publish a few Instagram stories every day. They get over 3500 unique views during their 24 hours lifespan.
We have a really good engagement rate (an average of 3000 likes per posts; some posts get as high as 5400).

If we put that in perspective with other official Fujifilm accounts we could notice that our audience is very engaged.
That score is based on the total number of followers related to the interactions per posts (likes/comments)
Source: influence.hypetap.com May 2017
We started our Instagram account in January 2016. It is growing organically (no sponsored posts nor bots).

Our website
We publish original content, interviews, articles, reviews and tutorials on our website: fujifeed.com

We focus on photography itself; gear is not as important (even if we do publish some gear reviews).
We get between 15k and 25k unique monthly visitors, depending on the recent articles we published.
On average, our visitors view two pages and stay two minutes on our website. Our bounce rate is below 55%.
40% of our visitors come from a direct link.
27% from posts on social media.
20% from refferals.
and 13% from organic search.
Other channels
We have a Facebook page that we use to publish content, with now over 8k followers. We also use it for announcing upcoming events.

We're also on Twitter and Flickr.

We organize Photowalks in cities in Europe.
Email digest
We send 1 email per week that includes our latest content and also a curated list of articles, videos and other interesting links related to photography.

Our open rates are over 55% and our click rates are over 20%. People really enjoy receiving our emails.
Sponsoring and collaborations
As an independent project, we need collaborations and sponsorships in order to grow up.
Case study
We teamed up with Unsplash in May to organise a contest. In ten days, we received over 1000 images from 235 photographers. Half of them registered for an Unsplash account.
We’re looking for brands related to photography that want to increase their reach to Fujifilm photographers. We offer a broad range of sponsoring options and possible collaborations.

We can run sponsored articles, interviews, reviews. Sponsored Instagram stories or posts. Sponsored contests and giveaways etc...

We're also looking for sponsors to help us organize events in Europe or abroad.
Our team
We are a very small team of passionate people, from designers to photographers.
Samuel Zeller
Founder & Curator
Samuel Zeller is a Swiss photographer and a Fujifilm ambassador. He studied design and worked in an agency for international clients (Rolex, Bvlgari, L’Oréal) until he decided to go freelance. He started working on Fujifeed in January 2016.

Alex Rodriguez
Design consultant
Alex is a talented designer and an advertising creative director from Mexico. He helps on the design aspects of Fujifeed. He recently moved to Barcelona, Spain. He's also a very good photographer.

Peter Clarkson
Photographer & Curator
Peter Clarkson is a graphic designer and photographer who graduated from the London College of Communication (University of the Arts).